I’ll try to create a screen section in xorg. I know this has been asked before http: Desktop looking just fine Gstreamer imxv4l2sink test ruining everything. What do you mean with playing a video. You would then average the samples from each region to get a stable colour value. I’ll check that, but since the backlight works I don’t think the issue comes from there.

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If you are up for a bit of circuit wrangling, check out the [[http: No space left on device. Note that this is about the framebuffer resolution, i.

How to use Analogue Camera Adapter/Analogue Camera Module on Embedded Linux

Note that PWM in the device tree takes a periode, not a frequency. The problem with PAL is that the colour information is quadrature modulated on a 4. On the other hand, what you may be able to do, using a video OP AMP that what I’m working on todayis to capture the pixels over some sort of threshold but, nothing to do with color Before i deploy X Console prompt it looks good.

When I open a video with gstreamer, the image moves slightly up, getting a black line on the bottom, it stabilizes mxa9526 then goes back to that Some frames appear better than others.


Analogue Camera Module (ACM) – Main Features, Datasheets

You do not have the correct permissions to perform this operation. In the LXDE image, i used the imxv4l2sinkwhich is the one he thinks is best: Then you use gpicview to display some testpictures fullscreen. Desktop, X and even chromium perform just fine As long as I don’t use X as retro The autodetect pipeline it constructs it makes the artifacts as seen in the video.

Console mode is all good. Hello Max, Here’s my major update: I attach some for your convinience. At this point my nemesis is Gstreamer. I’ll try to linuxx a screen section in xorg.

I even read that VIvante does not like 24bpp very much in this question, switched to 32bpp, no dice. Additionally, I adjusted ilnux other timings to my display.

It happens the same thing. I think my U-boot and fb is detecting the data i have in the structure. I’ll check that, but since the backlight works I don’t think the issue comes from there. I found a workaround, which makes me satisfied.

Camera image stopping issue in IMX356

I think the error comes from the framebuffer X and such. What could be the cause? I modified it to my display’s needs so I’m keeping that, maybe i’ll add a custom later. An LM won’t help as it only separates the sync signals from the composite.


How to use Analogue Camera Adapter/Analogue Camera Module on Embedded Linux

linuxx No space left on device EDIT: Accept and hide this message. I tried your cat commands, 1 – it goes pitch black, it gives an error though cat: Graphical Mmax9526 for Apalis iMX. I suspect on any vivante created artifacts, I just don’t know where to work them out. Important Information for this Arm website This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Some don’t even appear just a white screen while others are close to acceptable – this is what i tried to explain.

Since this application is not using GStreamer, I assume GStreamer’s sink for vpu is not properly done.