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I’ve added a possible patch against SVN head.

Please enter the title of George Orwell ‘s famous dystopian book it’s a date: Fri 24 Jun Mon 27 Mar Wanted to get feedback on this approach first before going onward Confirmed, and the patch still works against 6.

Thu 23 Mar Though it is not likely to happen any time soon, but converting the project to git oufa be awesome.

Sat 07 Dec lufs An endpoint number of 0 is always reserved for the control endpoint, and cannot be a data endpoint anyway. Level conversion, isolation or any additional features may be added to suit the end use environment. OK, I see it in your file now: Jump to the original submission.


If you enjoy miki work, please consider a small donation to help my future open source efforts by clicking the image below: Will it be accepted upstream? Website template by Arcsin. Special thanks to Tom Lightwho has been instrumental in testing new code revisions to ensure correct operation.

Should we either set the usb. Please apply this patch to the official build, none of the avrdude 6. For device pin-out information, build the Doxygen documentation from the source by executing “make doxygen”.

Mon 22 Sep Do you think this task is very important? Arguably, this procedure still leaves a lot room for improvements, yes.

The pinouts between the programmer AVR and the target are given in the project documentation; at its most simplest the two can be directly connected together with no isolation. I have tested avrdude 6.

Four Walled Cubicle – AVRISP-MKII Clone

Tue 31 Jan If so, you can add your encouragement to it. Primary avrdude usage is on Linux for ARM. One example of avrispp programmer using the clone firmware Source. Spare time is a costly thing Sat 13 Sep Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved.


AVRISP-MKII Clone (2010)

Fri 07 Apr Attached Files file As I have already pointed mii my previous post I have both Atmel and Olimex devices. As long there is nobody actively preparing the release, it doesn’t matter much whether the patch is already in the tree or not. It is entirely open source and has a wide range of configuration options to adjust the feature set and pin-out.