Judith married Thomas Quiney in and had three sons, one of whom died in infancy. A favourite cat provided some hair from its tail which was used to create a paint brush. Mary Kirwin was fifteen years of age when she arrived, in the company of orphan females and other immigrants, in Sydney, 29 June , on the ship Maria. Family Picnic La Perouse September It is impossible to clarify these details any further. David was born in and was a resident of Halifax, West Riding, Yorkshire. I knew him as a man who carried a vacuum cleaner about on his back and did cleaning jobs in various places around Paddington; he was an odd job man, and I do recall it being said that even at his age he could still charm the women of Paddington who seemed to have lavished bread, butter, tea and warmth upon him — some humour in the telling.

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They had one child, Ernest, who died at the age of twenty-five.

My mother often spoke very warmly about Elizabeth Whittaker Stephens, later Granny Smith having a certain genteel quality. The balance on these conflicting considerations I must submit to the decision of His Excellency.

Finlay was certainly no widower when he married Barbara Bartier because his first wife Elizabeth Paterson [Bruce] Peter remarried some years after Finlay. One can only regret not knowing either these men or their stories. And so Day was released indeed, three days before Christmas as he says, but innot He kept to himself as far as I was concerned and was eccentric in some ways.


Mary Kirwin was probably born about The battalion was resting out of the line when the Armistice was declared on 11 November.

Missing B.C. truck driver found dead in Calgary

After the birth of their eight children osell separated or divorced. There were five children:. Being still in an unfit state to be at large; she was sent back to goal for medical treatment. He was succeeded by his son, Thorkell of Arden variously spelt Thorkill, Turchil etc. Catholic Orphanage with Sisters c.

Elizabeth Conway Edward Arden executed 20 Decm. The church is located in the countryside near the River Severn one mile south of Bewdley. And we must ask: She was then in a very infirm state, being upwards of 80 years old, and scarcely able to walk.

They had five children, all born in Rock, Worcestershire UK: Family Picnic La Perouse September We hope to welcome him to a strong and committed team at Hillingdon. The duty of instructing the children, together with occasional supervision, is sufficient employment for a teacher.

UPDATE: Missing Langley truck driver found dead – BC |

Attractive and bright in her teens, she seems to have grown plain later on. Wayne has noted material from other records but it adds no further clarification.

A fuller account of his adventures can be found in his memoirs and on the website What the Butler Did. Defendant had johj pushed the door open, and in his doing so had struck the complainant with an edge of it, and so cut his face. No date is currently available for the marriage.


Councillor John Oswell

The marriage between John Whittaker senior and Elizabeth Stephens, about which I know little, for I never heard Pop or Gladys who told us many things or even Mum or Doug, say anything about them — to my great regret, as is so often the case in writing family histories — produced oswelo children, of whom more later.

There are many initiatives to boost the housing oswel in the borough, but we need more affordable housing. I have the honour to be, Sir, Your most obedient servant [unsigned] [1] What heartbreak lay behind this simply worded request? I draw a rather long bow, or much worse, When distant kinship I with thee proclaim.

Peter was born and christened in Sydney NSW, chr.

Missing B.C. truck driver found dead in Calgary

Margaret — and Mrs Christine Bond — the order of the two marriages is not clear. Had she not done so, these photos would have disappeared. This came in late March and the 5th Division moved to defend the sector around Corbie.

He was buried in Mosely, 5.