See Platform Setup and Maintenance Manual for instructions on how to adjust the OMT based on polarity LNB Power V In cases where the LNB requires more power then the modem can provide, or if the user would like to power the LNB from the controller, or if the user would like to find satellite without the use of a modem, this option allows for power from the controller to be supplied to the LNB through the RX IN cable from the controller to the platform itself. Designed to interface with a number of Satellite Modems, iNetVu? This parameter is mainly used for Hughes Net service. Page 83 of Orbital Slot Location of Configured Satellites The target satellites section displays the satellite longitude for each configured satellite. Installers shall be liable for all damages if they fail to comply with the above mandatory conditions. There are now links leading to these policies: Find Satellite 3 Performs automatic satellite acquisition for configured satellite 3.

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iNetVu 7000 + G16

PL Polarization Displays real-time current drawn and speed settings for the polarization motor, as well as real-time polarization angle and limits, window size, pot factor, and zero factor. This happens because the azimuth is on a fixed plane parallel to the roof of the vehicle and the Elevation angle is relative to gravity.

Intevu message prompt will appear to notify you that the Compass Calibration has been completed successfully or not. K series Economic Mode Page of Test Compass Positions Antenna to a level Elevation angle and updates compass heading. The iNetVuTM system will use this transponder information to locate the reference satellite, and pivot to the target satellite. The user may select a reference satellite with a known DVB Transponder.


Do the calculation for your wanted carrier.


Refer to the appropriate Service Manual for service based system configuration via LCD or software, depending on the service used.

Azimuth Parameters The Azimuth menu allows for the configuration of the azimuth axis. Page 81 of Fig. Tilt instvu must be levelled prior to running the Calibrate PL routine on system with Polarization tilt sensors.

If the user is using DVB as a ijetvu option, the transponder information must be entered along with the LNB power 70000. Transmitter Disable Disables the transmitter after locking onto the designated satellite. It has the ability to communicate with the Satellite Modem, automatically find and lock onto a satellite and stow the antenna when completed.

This section explains the different components inefvu the configuration menu, and what each component means. The elevation angle will inettvu by the specified number of degrees from the calculated angle while searching on an included surface.

It is the last 4 digits of the Serial Number. It represents the value used while searching on an incline surface on elevation angle. Vehicle front end windshield window must be pointed North during these routines to achieve proper compass headings and a software pop-up will be displayed on the pc screen to ensure this Platform is properly orientated.

Automatic TX Disable If this checkbox is selected, the controller will automatically disable the transmitter if a reset is done to the modem during transmission and communication between the controller and modem is re-established.


Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. L R 3 – Polarization Offset This value represents the offset in the polarization angle. The user may change the password in this screen.

Page 79 of 7. Current Longitude Coordinate rounded to one decimal place in degree format.

Since this could cause you to miss the satellite, we stop the azimuth movement, re-position the Elevation to the target, then continue the azimuth sweep. The Status Panel is located at the bottom of the Basic Controls and Advanced Controls menus, and has a set of four and six message blocks, respectively. The maximum data a user may upload is 12 hours.

The different options include: Ensure that you are using a reliable alternate source.

iNetVu Software Version 7.5.13 Released for the 7000 Series Controllers!

Re-peak every 10 minutes 2: For example, if the user selects 5M from the drop down menu, and the system stows due to motion or movement while operational, Five 5 minutes plus 30 seconds after automatically stowing, the system will try to re-acquire the satellite signal. E — Enabled D — Disabled 7. Modem TX Enabled Indicates that the transmitter has been enabled. E — Enable Limit Once enabled, the up, down and stow limits will be activated whenever the up, down, and stow TM sensors have been triggered on the iNetVu Mobile platform.