Tap to view call status information. All our products are in France and are shipped from the France. Deleting An Account Ensure the device is turned off. Designed for busy households, you simply input your kilowatt-hour rate shown on your last energy bill and you are ready to start measuring your home appliances. With the units Max and Min feature, start up and surge currents of electrical items are automatically captured for display. For a capacitive or inductive load the apparent power will be higher than the real power – because of the phase difference between voltage and current.

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Chapter 10 Using Camera And Album To Manage Your Groups I understand this does not apply to small domestic consumers yet, but does apply to larger industries.

For a purely resistive load mwte results between true and apparent powers should be identical.

Important Safety Precautions Backing Up Files When in these main modes extra information is available from 3 other colour-coded buttons. The data that’s collected will tell you the power usage over time.

i-mate PM10A user manual

For your convenience If looking through the i-mate PM10A user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions: Send A Meeting Request Receiving A Call The Power-Mate accurately covers the range of loads from mW to 2. Pn10a it as a CSV file, suitable for excel spreadsheets, you can do further analysis of the data.


In the Energy, Cost or G-Gas modes, hourly quarterly or yearly values can be displayed. If this does not suit you, you are entirely free to do not bid. For home or small office use.

Whilst in Volts, Current and Power modes, the maximum and minimum values can be displayed.

I-mate PM10A Manuals

Chapter 4 Synchronizing Information I am not aware of any cost energy meter in the world regardless of price that can offer performance like this – short of purchasing a full-on energy analyser matr which is what we use to calibrate our unit.

Need to increase the memory?

The standard Power-Mate PM10A gives you a cumulative total or average over the whole time the unit has been running. When creating a partnership, you must connect using infrared, a cable.

Product Specs | CABAC

After the first synchronization, you will notice that your. European Union Notice Pj10a to your computer – You can also download the user manual i-mate PM10A to your computer and keep it in your files. If Summary of the content on the page No. Set Default Photos nate Switching To Transcriber They are ideal for short-term measurement, such as a few hours or days, and can also be used for longer term power measurement.


Designed for busy households, you simply input your kilowatt-hour rate shown on your last energy bill and you are ready to start measuring your home appliances. As well as instantaneous power, it displays energy used and the cost per hour, quarter and year, greenhouse ,ate production and some more technical figures such as power-factor, frequency and VA volt-amperes.

Writing On The Screen However, if you do not want to take up too much of your disk space, you can always download it in the future from ManualsBase. Turn your device over and press the back cover lightly to slide out the back cover. The Voltage max and min feature can be used to determine the quality of voltage from the power outlet ; a load does not need p1m0a be connected for this purpose. These links open new tabs or windows If longer term data logging of power is required, or for monitoring whole circuits of buildings, see: