I certainly won’t miss Yossarian. That was one bad motha. This chart does a nice job of summarizing the issue. Thanks for the review as it helped me in some of the decision making process too. Length hasn’t been an issue.

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Between D Comp, D2, and D3, Titleist will be able to properly fit an incredibly wide variety of players. Hey there, i recently got fit for a titleist d3 but i’m not liking the head. This is the only resshaft that I will ever play. I was always scared to play a Titleist, because I always hear they are players clubs.

Titleiet bottom to top, the first thing many will notice is the new sole treatment given to the entire line. So erik, with the d2 having moi and the d3 having moi, was there a big difference in forgiveness between these two models when you would not hit in the sweet spot? While the D2 looks quite a bit rshaft D2 at address paint treatment asidethe D3 has the killer looks in my book.

reshafting a D2

They were prototype clubheads. With the proper shaft any Titleist driver is superior to almost anything out there R9…. My flight was a little lower but instead of dropping from the sky it seemed to fall forward. The D3 is again 20cc smaller, and the difference is subtle, but noticeable if you look for it or set the two models side by side.


That was one bad motha. Early prototypes of the D Comp, Tktleist, and D3 from left to right. Again thanks for the awesome review- it helped to re-confirm my thoughts on the club and make my purchase decision much easier.

What would be my best options here? The reduction in backspin alone is more than enough for me to keep it, and I still like the looks and feel.

909 F3 reshaft

I certainly won’t miss Yossarian. If you got a chance to hit it, how did it t in terms of feel, forgiveness, etc? Should give me a few extra yards and alot more control. I liked the Dcomp over the D2 and the D3 due to the fact that I like a shallower face. What does the torque of a shaft mean?

Reshaft on Titleist – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

MOI isallowing for a little more workability than the D Comp, and the face is shallower than the D Comp or D3, providing launch confidence and a preferred setup appearance for some.


I hit a tour burner 8. It is not as hard to hit as people have told me including the guy at the store who tried to fit me with the new R9. An integral Titanium blind tihleist hosel — gone is the bore-through design found on the and drivers.

adjustable shaft tip

The Titleist D2 at address. Rory, rotating a club always affects the loft.

Thanks erik, you are the best when it comes to giving us reviews! Your review leaves me with a couple of questions however. Thanks for the reply Cathi. Last edited by goonie; 10th July at D3 is a titanium driver with a deep face, a classic pear profile, and mid launch, low spin launch characteristics and an MOI of Design and Technology As I mentioned, Titleist will admit the D1 and Tilteist were not the strongest pair of clubs they could have offered.