Those with an ack get listed. In device tree it is says designware-i2c. Adding a new RTC to i2c-rtc-overlay. No such file or directory Does anyone knows where could be the problem. I’m not sure if adding yet another driver specific header is a good idea.

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In the meantime you posted reply with pre-loader issue, and after re-compiling the pre-loader, now I can see transmission on scope, as well as: This driver can also be built as a module.

DS RTC has wrong time

I’m not sure if adding yet another driver specific header is a good idea. You are expecting it to declare that once we have an accurate time source to program the RTC, which is a much higher level operation – it just doesn’t fit the DT model. If so, the easiest one to try is the rtc. So please don’t get hung up on the x86 way of doing things.

I2C tools returns following:. I have played around with u-boot, and noticed that I2C was held in reset.

It’s here if you want to cherry-pick it and build your own kernel: I2C tools returns following: Document the fact that ds driver works also with DS real-time clock chip. You can check the driver source in the kernel tree and see. Does anyone knows where could be ds133 problem. Do you have the devices listed in the tree on your board: Therefore RTC drivers are usualy compiled in kernel.


If instead it is occurring every boot then that suggests that either the RTC isn’t holding its value no battery backup or that the content is being corrupted. I’m probably doing something wrong so any pointers would be nice And scan is finished instantly.

[SOLVED] I2C driver is not loading – Linux Kernel – RocketBoards Forum

Dx1339 the “invalid argument” error only occurs the first time you use the RTC then I think you are going to have to go through a commissioning process that sets the clock. Here are some facts and tryouts: In the command list you should see a line that looks like this: And weird thing is that RTC line is just before this: It’s both conceptually wrong and actually unnecessary.

Maybe I need to enable something extra in I2C controller during boot? Linux kernel is Linux 4.

So, to sum up: In the command list you should see a line that looks like this:. I will try your other recommendations and let you know. If hwclock at the linux prompt works, your I2C bus is working. I have tried I2C tools from U-boot, probing and reading from specific device – no results.


Then you can write the time in seconds to that file and the alarm interrupt will occur at that time. On Tue, May 10, at In addition to reading and writing the RTC with hwclock, Lniux also want to program its interrupt to fire at a given interval or absolute time in the future.

CONFIG_SENSORS_DS1337: Dallas Semiconductor DS1337 and DS1339 Real Time Clock

Adding a new RTC to i2c-rtc-overlay. Either way this is no longer a DT problem and you would be better off asking on a different forum – Interfacing or Advanced Users, perhaps. I am relatively new to Linux, so any help would be lniux appreciated.