I tried unpacking the Windows 3. This error goes away if I disable the network settings but then I won’t be able to connect to the internet without that. You’re trying to mount the directory where the package is as your D drive. SYS problem with this setup. So you must have the network adapter software to get the network running. The Windows for Workgroups network driver was unable to load. CD cannot be written

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As in I have the three ‘unable to find device file’ messages before it boots windows. Your email address will not be published.

Other drivers may give you headaches. I got the exact same problem until I realized by myself, I guess I should have read the instructions here before hand but I was confident with my level of troubleshooting I’d find the problem myself what I wrote in my last message.

I have yet to try this because I’m almost certain I’ll do something stupid: Through the eyes of a Monster. Since I have a few computers around here, I don’t need to bother with virtually running old operating systems. At the DOS prompt, type the following command and press Enter to mount the folder you created as your C: I don’t widows a Chromebook so I can’t really test this.


There’s nothing in it, it’s just completely white. When the netwrok asks whether you want to load Dos drivers select “No” since DOSBox won’t use those drivers in any way.

Extract the drivers to “C: CD cannot be written After the installer finishes you can run Windows right away, no need to “reboot”.

SYS problem with this setup. The command line interface won’t display the cursor as it has no sue for it. Double click on “Drivers”. If you do not have a choice for CD Audio follow the steps below, this will install the driver that is necessary to play the music CDs.

Getting Windows 3.1 connected to the internet (in DOSBox of course)

I followed your steps in the dosbox tutorial http: This affects mostly office programs, e. And thanks for taking the time to help me, I was at a dead end. But you can enter the path for example “a: I assume that you have Windows 3. The selected display driver does not support the installed graphics chip. If it doesn’t work, then you did something wrong. BAT file points to the directory that contains the file and that it exists on your hard disk. I am worried because of what the main post said “All you have to do is unpack the thing to the location you mount as DOSBox’ virtual C drive, unless that location is the root of your system drive.


What can I do to run the game? Not an easy thing as most network card drivers for 3. Fine-tune the drive-mounting options by following the guide to Drive and printer option settings elsewhere on this page.

Windows for DOSBox, ready-to-run [Archive] – Forums

Net is the opinions of its users. It all works perfectly, but when I try and bring my mouse back out to my actual computer screen rather than 3.1 3 in dos, it disappears.

I use this method to run the old Windows 3. If you used Norton Commander you’d find it still there.

When I attempt to run the command: If you have calibrating problems, change this again.