If you do not do this, the plugin will not work. Turns out, I’m an idiot. Other started but didn’t play the game. I recently bought a copy of final fantasy 9, and i have looked for the patch to play it on epsxe, but cant find it, if anyone can help[ me with this please do. No such file or directory However a locate libgtk Both have one major problem with me, though. It’s really weird and I’ve never heard of anything like it before.

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Same problem as trixilver and synapticnode.

ePSXe tutorial

I disabled the TwinView setup and tested it again to make sure and got the exact same results. We just have to get the Gamepads to use to play.

Fifa 99 — sles it. It opens its preferences window and it will accept my controller input to configure it, but when a game is launched, I get no response from the controller. Vandal hearts 2 — sles it maybe protect. This plugin should be the best all round for nearly any system.


Can sombody help me plz This are all my PSONE originaly games,there are also some files sbi games maked by copies created by users of my lost forum, with my guide to clonecd from originaly disk. It’s always better to settle with what you have.


BadValue integer parameter out of range for operation 0x XRequest. Medievil — sces ita protect.


You will need a copy of PCSX which you can get here http: Hosted by AlterVista – Disclaimer – Segnala abuso. I tried ISO prducer, it keeps coming up with an error message and closes.

Perhaps you should try another plugin which is P. I am using Pcsx reloaded, but if you use the pete’s plugin xgl2 everthing works better. Download it here http: Mission leops — sles M5 protect. Secondly, the viewport is not fixed.

Oh well i will be back with news on the other 2 types of installation! One of the games I started playing again was Final Fantasy IX, and after finding out about sub-channels etc, I used the above mentioned plugin to create a sub-channel file seeing I had the PAL version.

Gran Turismo 2 PAL maybe protect. Please don’t double post, and take a look here for basic and nice info: Media New media New comments Search media. Chaos Break — sles M5.


ePSXe tutorial | RomUlation

X-Men Mutant Academy 2 — sles Doesn’t matter, I’ll configute use the ISO. If not, what program do I need to run it? My workaround is to edit those things by hand, but is there a more elegant solution?

Alternatively as I said earlier on.

Di seguito eccovi la lista dei files presenti. Silent Hill — sles M5 My copy is originaly, but i remember that the copy not originaly in psx console modded generally have a block if in the park Harry Mason kid the police woman…works fine if confighre save her. Place them on the “patches” subfolder, and rename them like the executable file on the main CD folder of each one: Alien Trilogy — sles maybe protect.

Only this time only seconds after posting this.

Disney presenta Hercules — sces ita.