This picture is missing 3 capacitors, I don’t know what that is about. Once upon a time you were gonzo crazy for the Delta Labs OD. But then I realized that this position had some value: I had one of those on my board for a while. Log in Become a member.

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But then I realized that this position had some value: When I first switched to Bright, I noticed how much louder this mode is than other 2 and also how it does not sound like the other two modes as well- and at first it was a “turn-off”. The Normal top and Warm bottom settings are very similar-I think there is a little less Bass and Treble cut in the Warm mode, so the “mid-hump” is just a little relaxed.

All user reviews for the Biyang OD-10 Mad Driver

By comparing against the Bad MonkeyI find it more punchy with more personality. Me again OP used my new toy last night on a classic country gig moderate volume gig in a very nice Inn and the Mad Driver was just perfect when needed. The pots are effective and properly sculpt the sound. But beware, it is an overdrive, not a distortion Oct 30, 1. Even with a useless switch, it’s a good pedal.


I saw one transistor besides the op-amp and it is used for the millenium bypass. Oct 15, I did not trace it but I suppose the LED is involved in “bright” mode, and perhaps symmetric clipping in “warm” mode and asymmetric clipping in “normal” mode?

Took a peek inside my Biyang OD Mad Driver | Telecaster Guitar Forum

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I got one in the biywng today and I’m very impressed thus far. I don’t know which is the. Not satisfied with those reviews?

Shouldn’t you wait a while and see how you feel about the pedal? The range of gain and eq is pretty extreme.

Write a user review Ask for a user review. Oct 14, 8.

Was surprised by a couple things. I like the Biyang MAD driver.

Now, not so much. I will say that the Bad Monkey is perfect for blues while the latter is well suited for rock. Nov 2, I like my one-knob MXR better.


Biyang Baby Boom Mad Driver OD-10 Effect Pedal

Clipping switch involves a pair of identical? Oct 16, But it also sounds great on a transistor amp Marshall MG50 that I use spare. Our members also liked: This is oe-10 meant to be a jerk, I’m asking a sincere question in a non-confrontational spirit.

I may be wrong but there should be a couple of long old threads about this being a rat clone with only one wrong capacitor, and instructions on how to fix that PS My mistake, I confused this with the DS PantsNov 2, GuitOp81Oct 30,