I have a GTX Or just download the free driver from iZ3D. However iz3D is pretty awesome: NVidia supports anaglyph since http: Basically what I am looking at is getting IZ3D drivers. You can search for these on Google. On the page you provided , Dragon says:

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ATI 3D Setup | guru3D Forums

SoloCreepNov 6, I wish I knew an answer to your problem. Thanks for help anyway! Does it have to do ait the games installed? You mean that comment? Sorry Emrah, seems like something indeed went wrong. No help from google either. I’m not sure what could cause this, you’re not on XP64?

Now I can buy a high-end ATI graphics card. You could give iZ3D a try. Andromeda Storyline and Meet the Characters. Another one of those great things is the GeForce 3D Vision. It was used before nvidia switched to the new control panel version of the driver.


Mind uninstalling the rest before you go through with it though. Do you already have an account? Thanks for the heads up though!

Seems like the reg file is for left4dead by the way I’m in the same boat and thought I’m the only person in the world who have ATI card and 3D television and everything set up for proper 3D gaming. Its the same for Nvidia. This patch activates the output of anaglyph images.

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Your email address will ato be published. Also I’ve already tried iZ3D 1. Would love to see how people get on with this!

SpinelessNJOct 16, CairnisReedFeb 26, The supported operating systems are Windows XP limited to 32bit and Windows Vista supported by both the 32bit and the 64bit version.

Scroll down for the next article. You can get ati 3d working easy. Anaglyphs are anaglypg situations defined by height, width and depth that are put into a 2D picture defined by height and width. I’ll try to make some screenshots. Ok, so, I’ve done a little bit more research, but some of it has just brought up more questions. Works also nice with Google Earth: Anyone know of a freeware utility?


Okay, I’ve tried to install geforce driver Understand the Mass Effect: