We believe that technology can be beautiful, and Zen AiO Pro is the ultimate proof. Products may not be available in all markets. Our gripe here is that we would have liked the mouse to be an optical one instead of the out-dated ball model. Powerful beyond your imagination Zen AiO Pro has incredible performance to match its incredible looks. Please visit HWZ for the latest reviews and news.

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Sure, you can add RAMs, upgrade to a faster processor or even a higher-capacity 3. About the All-in-One The Aio A comes with a whole array of integrated peripherals that makes this desktop one of the most complete systems available today.

And the best part is, because everything is all fitted under one hood, there is only the power supply cable to catch a person’s sight. Encased in a plastic cover, the harddisk is latched just right behind the LCD monitor board. modme

The Aio A patented sliding design can also be adjusted for the most comfortable monitor angle. On the audio side, the Aio A comes with two built-in stereo speakers and a sub-woofer. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. But these can be considered somewhat as unfair criticisms, since right from the start the Aio A is clearly targeted at the casual users and those from SOHO.

Recognized as the best all-in-one PC! You can even change the Sunon-branded exhaust fan if you want to. At least not with this current Aio yet.


ECS Aio A – No CPU – RAM 0 MB – no HDD – DVD – Mdm – Monitor LCD display 15″ TFT at Backoffice

In addition, users can always consider external USB 2. But it comes with a helluva loads of buttons. Massive multi- speaker sound Get ready to give your ears a treat! Mmodem its highly-accurate 3D facial recognition and the new Windows Hello feature, you just need your face to unlock your PC! Powerful beyond your imagination Zen AiO Pro has incredible performance to match its incredible looks. There are USB 2.

The Art of Performance in Stunning Detail

Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Instead of modm desktop parts modek a notebook, the Aio A uses notebook-style miniaturization to create a one-piece machine that squeezes all the “guts” of the computer behind the LCD display. Colors were well reproduced and the screen is bright, with texts displayed clear and sharp. A look at the modem inside the Aio A Create your own personal cloud Zen AiO Pro is the hub of your digital life, allowing you to create your own personal cloud for fast, secure and convenient access to all your files from any device.

And here it is how it looks like.

Actual figures may vary in real-world situations. Of course, that would also mean that the overall footprint of the Aio A would have to be substantially bigger as well. Developed by the ASUS Golden Ear engineering team, its six-speaker stereo configuration and watt output delivers immersive full-range, multi-layered sound with rich, thumping bass and sparkling highs.


However, we do not expect anyone to keep changing CPUs, so auo shouldn’t be a big problem here. A look at the ports behind the Aio A Click icons to learn more. Please visit HWZ for the latest reviews and news.

ECS Aio A950 Modem Driver 2.41.0034

The buttons to adjust your monitor settings accordingly. The concept of an all-in-one PC isn’t new but the ECS Aio A is a highly integrated computer with a variety of specifications to satisfy your needs for word-processing, graphics design, Internet as well as casual gaming.

This is an old archive page of HWZ prior to revamp. If you’re not careful here, you may just accidentally damage your CPU unknowingly.

Introduction If space isn’t a luxury in your home or room, it would be hard to disagree that one of the most common way of reducing the computer desktop space is to settle for an LCD as opposed to a bulkier CRT monitor. Precision-crafted from solid aluminum with a sensuous brushed Icicle Gold finish, Zen-inspired spun-metal detailing, sparkling diamond-cut edges and a seamlessly-integrated stand, Zen AiO Pro is a precision-crafted artwork that will add grace and style to any home.