This club would hit the ball further than anything I had tried, or owned….. This is an A3, which is 3 years and about 7 drivers old. They fixed the issue and were very easy to work with. Your golf ball will be begging for mercy when confronted with these guys. Having reviewed this club earlier, let me add to it by expressing a bit of a disappointment in this club.

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I moved to New Orleans this summer. It will take a few YEARS before we really see the best square drivers… as with all new technology it needs to be tried and improved on for a few years. Some other differerences between the two: Xdams result was also inconsistent as there were occasionally poor hooks.

Posted 25 March – Titleist F2 Fairway Wood. I reckon it must hit the ball long and straight. So i think i’m gonna keep this driver for a while unless i could find someone who wants to pay a decent price.

Adams Insight XTD a3OS Driver

Once again, not trying diminish your w30s, I would be made as hell. I am a convert to the Insight now.

I finished the fall season with no problems.


They did not have another one to replace it but said I will be able to use it this Friday in a tournament and bring it in Saturday. It is worthless now.

Same thing with his fairway club, incredibly easy to get off the fairway and in the rough it really shines. I daams still hopeful.

Posted 14 June – I have had this problem with any manufacturer of just about anything I have had that has broken. Looking good on the golf course never hurt anybody’s game either!

My G10 feels way better, sounds better and hit it straighter.

Adams Golf Insight XTD a3OS Fairway Woods user reviews : 5 out of 5 – 1 reviews –

But they also look really framiliar. When I retreived it I discovered a big dimple in the base maybe it hit something hard on the ground. And lately it had been showing up pretty regular. Here is one right here: I called back and escalated the issue by asking for a manager and I finally got someone who would take the time.

Advertise with us Privacy Terms. Not only was my skinny draw back, I could, at will straighten it out, or put a nice little fade on the ball with great accuracy…and longer by yards, well, according to the launch monitor. I now have a dozen rounds under my belt with his new driver, and everyone in my regular gang is amazed.


Nickent also offers a square and traditional… remember 5 years ago when new technology was simply weighting adjustments and new metals…. I decided to go through a launch monitor — and not expose my biases against: He said I would have to take it back to where it bought it from and they will send it back and that they will check it out. Lastly, with Adams not admitting the problem exists. Last weekend I played using this driver, and it’s actually quite okay.

I will zdams it one last shot. I think the headcover that comes with this driver will be copied by the way, no doubt. The best looking square driver on the market and sets up great.

After having the head reattached, it start to come off with a few rounds. Just purchased adams ext insight and WOW!!!