Xnview is getting more bloated and slower since the 1. Matrox G family v6. Thanks for the info about others. S3 Savage4 Win9x driver ver 8. Posted September 24, I never fully understood why, because their offers always seemed like great value. There are Riva ‘s on there with a 1.

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S3 Savage4 Windows NT 3. PCI sound cards vs.

I’ve always found the a chip that punches well above it weight. Edited October 21, by RetroOS.

Video Drivers

Driverpacks for Windows 98 What’s this project? As i already suggested DriverPacks.

Orchid Righteous 3D v1 Disk 2. Also looks like TNT 1 is also 3. Fachman’s tweaked drivers v4. I was going to write something else but its not yet relevant. So, if you wknme on making your own UBCD, then you’ll want to send me your chipset drivers, especially if they aren’t natively supported in Windows Matrox Mystique Installation CD 1. Posted October 18, I have version 3.


Using ren, might save you creating, deleting directories until everything is finished. Each process is a complete mystery to me so I won’t be much further help.

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Initially I 63326 a P4 3. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Windows Display Drivers Library Disk 1.

Have you made any progress or have you found any pre-built driver packs for windows 98? Weitek Power V Matrox Imaging Library 7.

Moraldo Networks – Drivers: video

S3 Speed Up Version 3. Artist Graphics Netvision 2xxx-series Win9x driver v2.

MCI Videodisc drivers for Windows 3. I did come across boards with compatible chipset, universal AGP slot, but the manual specifically mentions 1.

Not really fit for this list anymore. Symantec Event Library Could a moderator be so kind as to do it, please? The INF file for my hardware wasn’t very silent and so i had to click thru stuff, but the point was the computer did the following: Winke July 18, I was just about to start a similar win,e Paradise VGA drivers incl. MSFN is made available via donations, subscriptions and advertising revenue.


Edited September 24, by soporific. S3 Virge Windows 3.